Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hiking and Biking Oh My!

Well, if anyone was wondering, Matt does have a drill sergeant mentality. He drives to his task in a direct hard fashion, but that is what I need. I don't have time to linger about how much pain I am in. The hike and bike was worth it though. The view from the hilltop was awesome. You could sit on the rocks and look down into the Pine Savannah or valley if you like. We got there too late to catch any wildlife like deer wondering about down there, but maybe next time. We plan to camp out on the hilltop for a weekend. I think it will be awesome. I have lost at least 22 pounds since the middle of may, and my clothes are starting to fit better or are too big all -together. I think everything I am going through is worth the struggle. I will always have trouble with my back, but the knees are fixable. They will be when I start working as a teacher or professional substitute. I also found out that I can teach at the two year universities with a Master's degree. I think things are going to work out for the better. I am also contemplating getting back into light weapons with the SCA. Now that my weight has gone down, I can stand a little longer and move a little better. Also, a simple Schlager set-up isn't that bad in price. Of course, I also have to get a gorget which goes around the neck to protect the throat. That can be made though with the right supplies. There are people hereabouts that do that sort of thing. Anyway, I have to leave for class. That is the update for now.
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