Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two German Poems

Beautiful Night
By Tommie L. Stovall

German language has an odd feature you might notice. Nouns are capitalized.

Night brings a beautiful quiet.
Nacht bringt eine schone(umlaut on o) Ruhe.

It wraps the mind peacefully.
Es wickelt die Meinung friedlich.

I drift into heavenly sleep.
Ich strome(umlaut on o) in himmlisch Schlaf.

You venture into my dreams.
Du wagst in meine Traume(umlaut on a).

Your arms reach, embrace me.
Deine Armen erstrecken, unarmen mich.

Warmth like silver moonbeams sweeps.
Warme wie silber Mondstrahl schwingvollt.

My heart, full, takes flight.
Meine Herz, voll, nimmt Flug.

I climb into beautiful night.
Ich steige in de schone(umlaut on o) Nacht.

Terrible Waking
By Tommie L. Stovall

I wake into shrieking brightness. Ich woche auf in shcriende Hell.
My eyes open by force. Meine Augen offnen(umlaut on o) von Kraft.
My beautiful dream is gone. Mein schoner(umlaut on o) Traume ist gegangen.
It's replaced by daytime noise. Es wird ersetzt von Taguhr Gerausche(umlaut on a).

From respite I must go. Vom der Ruhepause muss ich gehen.
Life, for love, will not slow. Leben, for Lieben, wirdt nicht Langsam.
Hurrying through the garish day. Eile durch den grellken Tag.
Into dreams myself to bury. In Traume(umlaut over a) selbst du vergraben.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hiking and Biking Oh My!

Well, if anyone was wondering, Matt does have a drill sergeant mentality. He drives to his task in a direct hard fashion, but that is what I need. I don't have time to linger about how much pain I am in. The hike and bike was worth it though. The view from the hilltop was awesome. You could sit on the rocks and look down into the Pine Savannah or valley if you like. We got there too late to catch any wildlife like deer wondering about down there, but maybe next time. We plan to camp out on the hilltop for a weekend. I think it will be awesome. I have lost at least 22 pounds since the middle of may, and my clothes are starting to fit better or are too big all -together. I think everything I am going through is worth the struggle. I will always have trouble with my back, but the knees are fixable. They will be when I start working as a teacher or professional substitute. I also found out that I can teach at the two year universities with a Master's degree. I think things are going to work out for the better. I am also contemplating getting back into light weapons with the SCA. Now that my weight has gone down, I can stand a little longer and move a little better. Also, a simple Schlager set-up isn't that bad in price. Of course, I also have to get a gorget which goes around the neck to protect the throat. That can be made though with the right supplies. There are people hereabouts that do that sort of thing. Anyway, I have to leave for class. That is the update for now.

Monday, August 31, 2009

A loss to me

Well, those of you on here that read my blog, know my saga with my cats and kittens. One of the best little female cats that I have ever had died last night due to trauma of some sort. There were no visisble markings. Matt found her as he pulled out to go to work. My father and I burried her in the backyard. She was full of spunk and love. She was always a teacup kittah, but that didn't matter to her. Now my heart hurts at her loss. I hope she knows how much I loved her.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

on the treatment of soldiers

I have been priveledged of late to read some materials in my Civil War History Class that has caused me some moments of empathy and anger. There is an article by Reid Mitchell about the experience of soldiers during the Civil War. When I was reading it, images associated with soldiers returning home from Vietnam came into my mind.
What I read made me heartsick and angry. At first, the Soldiers, both Union and Confederate, were celebrated, picniced, and paraded around like prizes. People wanted to shake their hands, take their photos, and have their babies. After the war drug on, that attitudes toward the soldiers changed markedly. People didn't go to greet them, they didn't want the photos, unless perhaps they were memorial shots, they tried to hide any affiliation with them. Where they were one greeted as heroes, now they were like villains and thieves in the night. Some soldiers experienced being openly shunned by people moving to the other side of the street or turning a corner to get away. It was as if being a soldier was a disease and they might catch it.
These soldiers suffered awful dehumanization to serve for what they believed in. They suffered mentally and physically just to endure racial slurs, curses, and hatred. Some soldiers were never the same as when they left. Some could not come back to society, so they went and lived in the woods or mountains. Some lost everything they owned and their family. Some suffered terrible dreams and flashbacks. All these things being discussed in this article brought to the fore images from Vietnam. Soldiers coming back would be greeted by a small family party in their uniforms so proud and yet the airfield would be completely deserted and silent. They would then be shuffled off home to try and live a **quiet** existence. If they were spotted in uniform on the street protestors would spit on them and shout at them, or try and rip their clothes. What kind of behavior is this?


It is the same today. My father and I have had our vehicles paintballed because they are adorned with military insignias. I have had people turn up their nose at hiring me when I have applied for work when they find out I served. Before that point, they are all smiles and your very qualified. I have walking by or standing waiting for some goings on and heard cruel words spoken about the soldiers and turned to watch the look of disgust on their faces. These things are being spoken about our men and women. It takes everything I have within me not to lash out at these people. They have not one iota of one clue what being a soldier takes. It makes me want to make them vomit on raunchy, nasty soap crammed in their mouths and teeth. They will get over that.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Here's what's new

Hello everyone. The biggest news I can give you is that Matt and I got married. We had our private ceremony January 18,2009, and we had our big one for family with the reception February 15,2009.
I was battling a staph infection. It was resistant to the first two antibiotics I was put on. The third one and antibacterial/antimicrobial baths have stopped it. I just have to be extra careful not to allow any infection to return.
I had been taking a belly dance class, but when I got sick, that came to an end. It really upset me though. Sometimes it seems when I am making progress that I get knocked backward again. Then I have to fight not to get too frustrated or depressed.
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